Slide Concept Edge Founded by a group of product development engineers and inventors who devoted themselves in perfecting their skills and passion. Slide Product Engineering
We are a global product development consulting team built to help organizations create products that seamlessly blend function and form perfection. What is our big idea?
Slide Strategic Partnership

Under our portfolio we have highly adaptive designers, engineers and inventors with more than a decade of industrial exposure to enhance the total capability.
Slide Research and Development Support

Launch your product to the disruptive market

We are here to help small and medium-sized entrepreneurs with limited research and development abilities.

Slide Rapid Tooling and Prototyping

We combine our engineering capabilities with advanced technology. Our team works directly with rapid tooling services across the globe for quick prototyping solutions.
Slide Product Optimization

Our expert engineers will work closely, as an extension of your product development team to participate in design optimization.
After-market Customization

We have a systematic data-driven approach in our new product development services to help you from engineering to negotiations with your investors.


By combining our design expertise, project culture, and remote engaging plan, our development teams have the key assets to support global projects with the highest quality and creativity, helping you avoid infrastructure overheads.


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